Battlefield 3 patch posted for Certification, may release in March Finish


Battlefield 3 patch posted for Certification, may release in March Finish

On Twitter, Daniel Matros (Battlefield 3 Community Manager) revealed newer and more effective information regarding approaching patch for that game. Daniel confirmed that presently the patch is at the disposal of The new sony and Microsoft for certification process.

Battlefield 3

Daniel tweeted, “the patch has been tested at certification by MS and Sony…”. When quizzed concerning the release date, Daniel stated the discharge date is at the disposal of The new sony and Microsoft, but further added, “hopefully we are able to push updates in the finish of March however, no ETA whatsoever.Inch

Regarding PC form of the patch, Daniel stated “it’s in testing at this time still.”

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  • dude what the hell are you talking about “because they have a broken launcher and they knew about it and didn’t care those that got into the CB did it by downloading the updates from pe1onal websites which no one would share because they was afraid of the bandwidth nightmare from all the people downloading since the launcher never works.” thats such a load of bull i got into CB by the website the launcher worked fine nothing wrong with it, went tried the asian OB same thing launcher was fine and game was fine…just cause you got a bad experince with the game/company doesn&1quo;t mean you gotta diss them…grow up or shut the f** up

  • I love Warframe Upsate 8 because they improved maps, enemies and put the dojo where be with my friends also clear new weapo1 and supplements which makes even more big this update.

  • For those saying it be difficult for them to do female optio1 co1idering kids are androgynous until around eleven or twelve usually. ergo the main cast could mistake a girl for a boy and the only change you have to do be at the end where the character speaks you can keep for the boys the same reaction but, for a female character have everyone freak out that they been playing with a girl the whole time so I think it could work, but that&1quo;s just me.


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