3DS easily outselling PS VITA in Europe and Japan

3DS easily outselling PS VITA in Europe and Japan

According to details in the latest financial report revealed by Nintendo, 3DS is outselling PS VITA (2X times) in Europe (3DS is being bought twice as much as PS VITA).

The report from Nintendo further revealed that VITA is selling less units as compared to its pedecessor PSP across Europe and Japan. These financial report from Nintendo is their own estimates and is completely based on details provided by research firms in Europe.

Sony is hoping that PS VITA sales will grow in coming months since popular games such as Black Ops Declassified and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation will make their way to handheld.

Find out more details on this topic in the images below.

PS VITA vs 3DS sales figure JapanPS VITA vs 3DS sales figure Europe

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