Apple’s Tim Cook’s busy day: 7am keynote then 2,000 mile flight to sit down with Michelle Obama


Apple’s Tim Cook’s busy day: 7am keynote then 2,000 mile flight to sit down with Michelle Obama

Apple Chief executive officer Tim Prepare includes a busy day today. He’ll start his day by delivering a keynote in the Goldman Sachs Technology and Interactive Conference in Bay Area at 7.15am (PT) (3.15pm GMT). Then he’ll be whisked greater than 2,000 miles to Washington Electricity to sit down beside First Lady Michelle Obama on her husband’s Condition from the Union address.

Cook’s stint in the Goldman Sachs conference have been scheduled for 4.15pm (PT) (7.15pm in Washington) but continues to be gone to live in the sooner time slot, probably to support his journey to Washington from Bay Area, in which the Goldman Sachs conference takes place, to become there prior to the 6pm Condition of Union address (11pm GMT, 3pm PT).

Fortune notes the earlier time slot for that keynote implies that: “Remarks that would be delivered following the markets closed Tuesday will get as the financial markets are still open.”

9to5Mac thinks that Cook’s space within the First Lady’s box signifies that Apple will receive a mention within the speech. That website suggests: “Individuals who sit within the ‘First Lady’s Box’ typically are pointed out throughout the speech.”

This past year the very first Lady was became a member of by Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple co-founder Jobs, she was known within the speech being an American entrepreneur.

The audio from Cook’s speech is going to be streamed live at Apple’s website.

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