Archlord 2 Update Raises Level Cap and much more?

Archlord 2 Update Raises Level Cap and much more

We already had the Eternal Trouble expansion launch in December for Webzen’s PVP focused Mmog, Archlord 2. Here you go the start of Feb and also the game has already been receiving another update. Not only a small listing of fixes, this update adds an elevated level cap plus much more.

The amount cap continues to be elevated to 51 and you will find two new territories and something new dungeon to go together with the cap raise. A complete new tier of both PvE and PvP gear continues to be put into accommodate these greater levels too.

Players can delve much deeper in to the lore of Chantra with the help of two new areas: the Land of Corruption and also the Sunny Garden. When a wealthy and fertile, the Land of Corruption was the scene of the bloody fight between callous nobles fighting because of its possession. Alas, their conflict attracted attention from the Dark Priest Galia, who produced their own army of undead in the fallen players to be able to get rid of the living and additional advance his sinister plot. Obviously it’s your decision in order to save the planet here.

The PvP side of economic will get some love too like a new skirmish for level 46 and above players continues to be added.

Browse the full patch notes here for the update details and also the login contest running to celebrate the patch

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