Microsoft Research adds touch aspect of VR

Microsoft Research adds touch aspect of VR

Virtual The truth is the following big factor. Immersing yourself inside a world is a superb feature for any game, however it only deals and among your senses. Imagine having the ability to add touch to that particular immersive experience?

Microsoft Research (via Neowin) has really accomplished by using a ingenious, otherwise somewhat convoluted, process in the realm of Minecraft. You just need a VR headset (within this situation Oculus Rift), a Kinect 2 mounted above you, a trackable cube, a control button to press in your desk, along with a marker shackled by your hands.

Once within the VR MineCraft world, and taking advantage of techniques known as body warping and world warping, the study team could trick a user’s mind into believing it had become touching different blocks hanging around, while in reality, there is just one present. Then, the consumer basically used just one cube to begin creating a castle hanging around.

The recording explains – and shows – the procedure far better:

Granted, this a part of VR will be a lot further off, however it will not be too more a long time lower the street before we can jack in to the Matrix and taste the virtual steak.



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