America online-Time Warner deal okayed

America online-Time Warner deal okayed

The United States Ftc (Federal trade commission) unanimously recognized the merger terms provided by America On the internet and Time Warner yesterday.

The America online and Time Warner combination is going to be needed to spread out its cable system to competing Isps, and will also be prohibited from disturbing content passed along its cable network by non-affiliated ISPs.

Furthermore, the child media giant is going to be avoided from getting into exclusive plans along with other cable companies regarding Internet services or interactive TV services, based on the Federal trade commission.

Robert Pitofsky, chairman from the Federal trade commission, stated: “Within the broad sense, our concern could be that the merger of the effective companies would deny competitors use of this unique broadband technology. This order is supposed to make sure that this new medium, characterised by openness, diversity and freedom, won’t be closed lower because of this merger.”


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