Conquer Online Unleashes the Scorpion?

Conquer Online Unleashes the Scorpion?


Fans of 99.com’s Conquer Online practically shoved their method to the lady of Knowledge in game to take a photo at winning free Gold Cloth and also the King of Scorpions mount armor this month. This mount release may be the first inside a type of constellation themed clothes and mount armors because of release hanging around all year round.

Aside from the looks, these products also provide aura type effects that trail behind the gamer when moving. Because the intent would be to release greater number of these themed products, Conquer Online is going to be applying a Wardrobe feature soon and it is even thinking about new game play and talent mechanics for players that collect different types of constellation armor.

Conquer On the internet is reporting that both products offered out fast within the Clubpenguin Mall…but I am not really sure the way a digital item “sells out.” Can any one of you Conquer Online players shed just a little light within the comments below?



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