Mordheim: Town of the Damned releases two new heroes Mordheim: Town of the Damned

Mordheim: Town of the Damned releases two new heroes Mordheim: Town of the Damned

Players from the Warhammer themed strategy rpg are in possession of two new heroes to select to guide their warbands.

If you’ve been searching for the way to include more flavor for your military in Mordheim: Town of the Damned, developer Rogue Factor has released the 2nd of the “Hired Swords” DLC packs. The most recent accessory for the military of Mordheim incorporate a Wolf-Priest of Ulric, open to the Siblings of Sigmar and Human Mercenaries warbands along with the Doomweaver, open to Skaven and Cult from the Possessed military.

Both figures have unique attributes that can make them interesting inclusions in either team. Because of their versatility in becoming put into multiple warbands, the unit can take features from each of their relevant associates. For instance, the Wolf-Clergymen of Ulric get access to the “Righteous Rage”, “Divine Aegis”, and “Absolute Belief” abilities in the Siblings of Sigmar, whilst gaining the “Guard Stance” ability typically unique towards the Human Mercenaries.

Guard Stance allows the warpriests so that you can have a defensive stance that increases their armor for any turn, as the Siblings of Sigmar abilities allows these to gain elevated resistance versus ranged attacks, improve their likelihood of passing checks associated with unit bravery, and gain a panic attack that lowers the foes’ damage and proper options.

This update follows the discharge from the first “Hired Swords” DLC. Released roughly two several weeks ago, it introduced the Smuggler and Poison Wind Globadier classes. Not sure continues to be given yet regarding any schedule regarding further releases of “Hired Swords” content, but Rogue Factor makes reference to more content to be sold later on, which might easily include additional units for those military.


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