Mac-to-monitor range extended

Mac-to-monitor range extended

Gefen has released two solutions for DVI (digital visual-interface) monitors.

The ex-tend-it DVI Repeater lets a computer’s DVI graphics be “flawlessly” repeated and extended as much as 50 ft. DVI is generally able to extending its signal by only six ft. Prices is not readily available for the product yet.

Gefen’s DVI Hub ($595) operates such as the Repeater, and can duplicate the DVI signal and output it to 2 displays, instead of one. These two monitors can depend on fifty ft in the computer.

ADC solution

Both products will ship in america in September. Gefen already provides a solution for Apple’s ADC (Apple Display Connection) monitors, the DVI to ADC Conversion Box ($199). This allows ADC monitor users setup remote monitors using Gefen’s DVI solutions.

United kingdom prices for that products will be announced.

Like a footnote, DisplaySearch yesterday released figures revealing that Apple, which only ships DVI desktops, brought the very first quarter DVI desktop computer market in 2001. It required a 26 percent share of the market. Research signifies it will likewise lead within the second quarter, with 24 percent from the market.


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