Overwatch Halloween Skins: If You Do Buy It?

Overwatch Halloween skins have finally showed up combined with the Halloween event update. Meanwhile, it’s unknown if you will see more approaching skins besides the current 12. In addition, the Halloween update runs from October eleventh to November first.

Additionally to Overwatch Halloween skins, the update also provides victory poses, themed profile icons, spray emotes and highlight intros. Currently, you will find over 100 periodic products available.


Also, a co-op PvE brawl known as Junkenstein’s Revenge can also be available. As are visible in a clip below, players are needed to get together with three others and battle eerie opponents. Clearly, Dr. Junkenstein may also be incorporated within the horde of opponents.

Rather of shooting aimlessly, players will need to interact and develop strategies. This way, they can withstand wave after wave of monster attacks. A clip is visible below.


However, the skins would be the real treat, as possible seen above. Based on a Forbes contributor, Paul Tassi. He opened up 101 loot box and that he got the next:

x29 Sprays

x22 Voice lines

x44 Victory poses

x13 player icons

x3 emotes

x2 highlight intros

x7 Legendary skins

x9 Epic skins

Based on Tassi, the Legendary skins does not have alternate colors to avoid duplicates. As they didn’t get everything he wants, his gold went from 6,355 to 11,940. Due to this, he just bought exactly what he missed from opening boxes.


Meanwhile, people may take a sneak peak on what’s inside these boxes while using video above supplied by Overpwn. Overall, Tassi didn’t felt enjoy it wasn’t worthwhile. Also, he added he most likely wouldn’t spent $80 if he wasn’t carrying out a stunt publish.


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