Future Last Exit Code Secrets: What We Should Know To Date

There’s another mystery in Future Rise of Iron which has players stumped. Following the community made quick work of all of the hidden secrets within the Wrath from the Machine raid, it’s now moved to the Future Last Exit multi-player map.


Throughout a recent Future livestream, Bungie’s Derek Carroll hinted at some kind of code hidden somewhere within the map. As always, Future players were quick to mobilize and also have combed car area looking for clues. This thread around the Future Raid Secrets subreddit has the majority of the breakthroughs to date.

Probably the most promising lead is associated with an encrypted code on the stairs over the subway. What it really means exactly continues to be unknown. Here’s the entire text:

[email protected],33szl’!( 9-7!!/@ 2enr?hqj r,r c?)”

Future Last Exit’s Grimoire card entry might also have a clue. Here’s what Reddit user 1oser stated:

“The Redjack Alpha reported that station operating modules were stuck inside a protocol dubbed “Last Exit.” It appears passengers in the nearby Collective were attempting to escape some overwhelming pressure. Also it seems that many didn’t succeed.”

Based on him, the mystery might not be contained to simply Last Exit. In line with the lore within the text, he believes other “Off World Transit” hubs such as the Asylum map could hold bits of the puzzle. Next, the path goes cold.

News of the secret only has been out a short while, so it might be some time before we learn more. It required Future players a few days to hack the infamous monitor puzzle in Wrath from the Machine. How lengthy will the Future Last Exit mystery take? Stay tuned in to discover.


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